Paul McPhail

About Paul McPhail

I rooted myself in real estate long before becoming a licensed REALTOR. My career started with a large mortgage lender, where I managed a portfolio of foreclosures before moving on to the art of residential renovations and buying and selling homes for profit. Here, I began to explore and gain a better understanding of the market and how to maneuver the highs and lows. Eventually, I took that knowledge and moved into real estate as a REALTOR in 2004.

Growing up, I had the fortune of watching my father “Waldo” cultivate a successful career as a REALTOR® in Edmonton for over 35 years. Seeing firsthand his zest and drive also inspired me to carve my path in the industry.

When not knee-deep in the market, I enjoy time with my wife, Stephanie, and our three children, Grace, Ethan, and Scarlett. We are active community members and have immersed ourselves in multiple foundations to improve our neighborhood and city. Edmonton is a community I know and value - and one I am excited about sharing.  

Loyalty and integrity are the cornerstones of any great relationship, and I bring that to my role as your REALTOR. I work diligently with my clients until the very end, when they cross the threshold of their new home or close the door one last time on the old. 

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